Do you have pain and discomfort when you walk or run?

Do the bottoms of your feet or ankles cause you pain?

Did you know that chiropractors are biomechanical specialists?

Custom fitted orthotics may provide you with some relief.

I have been providing my patients with custom fitted orthotics for more than 15 years.

Custom fitted orthotics are prescription medical devices made from non weight-bearing
molds of your feet.

They are designed to:

  • Control alignment and function of the foot
  • Treat or prevent injury-causing force on bones, joints, tendons and ligaments
  • Limit motions such as excessive pronation (rolling-in) and excessive supination (rolling-out).
  • Make activities such as running, walking – even standing – more efficient.
  • Redistribute pressure on the bottom of the foot to relieve pain from excessive pressure or calluses.

Orthotics can be customized for sports shoes, dress shoes, high heels, golf shoes, boots and even skates.

They are covered by most extended health care plans.

Contact me today to learn more about custom fitted orthotics.