How to Find the Best Chiropractor for YOU

Avenue North Chiropractic - Dr. Jody ShapiroI’m lucky to have a burgeoning practice. I don’t have to market my business very aggressively; I have a great reputation and my patients are very loyal.

Most of my new patients come to me by word of mouth.

They are usually referrals from other patients who have had good experiences with my care (obviously).

Ask the right questions

I often hear, “I heard you fixed A’s hip when she couldn’t walk, post pregnancy” or “B told me you helped relieve her migraines/headaches”. Those testimonials are truly the best way to encourage patients to walk through my door.

But to be honest, I get a good chunk of patients from a random search of the yellow pages (is that showing my age?) or the Internet. Most often, these people are in acute pain or somewhat immobilized and are looking for a chiropractor that is conveniently located and available for a quick consultation.

Credentials matter

Certainly you would want to seek out a chiropractor that was properly trained and accredited. That said, I am not radically different than most of my colleagues in Toronto. For the most part, we are all:

  • Similarly educated
  • Members of the CCO, the OCA and the CCA
  • Comparably experienced

The Chiropractic Difference

So what makes the difference and how can you best determine the right chiropractic ‘fit’?

Ask your friends, your family or your neighbour. Ask your other health care practitioners. Ask people whose opinions you trust.

Check out some free lectures or seminars that may be offered at your church, community center or gym and find out who other professionals recommend.

Ultimately, it comes down to chemistry (like most relationships). Your chiropractor needs to make you feel comfortable and should directly address your specific needs and interests.

If you think I might be the right ‘fit’, contact me directly and I would be happy to chat with you live. Or share your thoughts and questions in the comments section below.

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