jodi-shapiro-chiropractorHi, and welcome to my online home.

My doctor/patient relationship is very important to me, and since this may very well be your first ‘introduction’ to who I am and what I do, I thought I would share my point of view, beyond the fact that I am an educated, accredited and qualified practitioner (which I am).

I’m not really your typical chiropractor. Obviously, I appreciate and endorse the importance of an aligned spine, but ultimately, I see chiropractic care as one part of a larger whole. And while my treatments and interventions can work wonders, I know that their impact is enhanced when my patients embrace a lifestyle that includes exercise, healthy eating and smart living.

Not only do I support my patients in their pursuit of these goals, I also practice what I preach.

I am a passionate Ashtanga yoga practitioner, an avid road cyclist, a runner and a cross training enthusiast. I also have a keen interest in nutrition and supplements; I love to cook healthful meals and I have a lifelong love of animals.

I’ve been in private practice for more than 22 years, and I’ve seen it all. From newborns to pregnant women to seniors and individuals with disabilities, I’ve adjusted them.

I’d love to meet you and hear about your specific needs and interests. Contact me today so that we can chat in person.